Kathi Soukup NCTMB LMT


My practice began in 2005 with Equine Massage,  I then added Canine Massage and Acupressure for both Equine and Canine to my formal training.  My continued interest in learning more about Chinese Medicine Theory, Acupressure and specifically Tui Na led me to complete my studies and become a licensed human massage therapist in 2007.

Coincident with my formal training I’ve worked on equine clients, ranging from pasture pals to national champions. Many of my human clients tend to be equestrians who are interested in enhancing their riding comfort and performance.  My canine clients are elder dogs seeking quality of life care,  along with younger ones with specific short term concerns.

I continue to pursue formal training and learn from every horse, human and dog I have the pleasure of working on. I welcome the chance to work with you all.

I travel to work on horses and dogs at their barn or home in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area.  My human clients can be seen at my Freeport Illinois office, or as on site visits as well.

Please see the other tabs for more information or contact me with any questions you may have about my services.

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