KS Saddlery

Saddle Fitting, Flocking, Repairs and Sales

I am pleased to also offer saddle fitting as part of my available services. A well fitted saddle is an integral part of you and your horses comfort and performance.  My years of experience of massage and bodywork along with formal training in saddle fitting, flocking and repairs give me a balanced insight into the art of saddle fit.

My saddle fitting services include:

  • Fitting and Evaluation
  • Saddle flocking on site
  • Compete Reflock or conversion of saddle panel
  • Billet Replacement and other minor repairs (just ask)

Pleased to offer the following:

Fitting and Sales  Saddlery Dresch www.saddlerydresch.com 

Sales of all  Mattes Products 

Saddle fitting and bodywork sessions can often be combined. This allows you to save costs on trip fees for services.


Fitting and Evaluation $100.00

Saddle flocking adjustment on site $100.00

Complete re-flock or conversion of saddle panel $300.00

Billet Replacement $25.00 each ( may include additional charges depending on style of billet)

Tree Adjustment $300.00 (includes dropping of panels to inspect integrity of tree prior to adjustment)

Please note all services not available on all types of saddles, fees subject to change and trip fees may apply





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